Applications due no later than March 16

Yearbook Application for School Year 2017-2018

YEARBOOK APPLICATIONS for next year are currently available in the front office or outside Ms. Tuma’s room B-14.  This class is an elective choice for next year, but you must complete an application in order to be considered.  You must also chose Yearbook as your first elective choice on your registration for next year.  6th graders and 7th graders may apply.  The application also includes a teacher’s reference.  You must have one teacher complete a reference for you, which is a separate part of the application.  This teacher must be one of your CORE CLASS TEACHERS, such as Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Reading, and/or Math.  Please give your teacher enough time to fill out the reference sheet.  The application is due by Wednesday, March 15, 2017, prior to Spring Break, so ACT NOW.  Applications may be returned to Ms. Tuma personally, or you can return it to the front office and they will put it in Ms. Tuma’s mailbox.  The teacher references will be returned to Ms. Tuma separately.


2017-2018 Television Production Application

Attention 6th and 7th grade students: If you are interested in being a part of the Television Production team, then please pick up an application for next year. Applications are in the front office and outside Mrs. McFarlin’s room (B-16). You are required to have one teacher recommendation and the application is due Wednesday, March 16, 2017, to Mrs. McFarlin. You much choose this class as your 1 st or 2nd choice on your registration form to be considered for this class. You can turn your application form to Mrs. McFarlin or turn it in to your Prime Time teacher with your registration form. Please read the application carefully as you are to provide three references which will include one teacher reference. If you have any questions, please ask Mrs. McFarlin

OMS Athletic Development Application
Library and Student Clerk Application
TFHS Body Development Application