About Our School

O’Leary Junior High was named after Vera C. O’Leary, who was selected as principal in 1925

and who held that position for 36 years. After thirteen years in planning, the present building was

dedicated on March 11, 1979. The original three building complex included 121,000 square feet of

floor space. In August 2009, Vera C. O’Leary Junior High changed from a junior high to a

middle school configuration. On the 24th of August, O’Leary Middle School welcomed for the

first time in its history sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Ninth grade joined the high-school population.


O’Leary Middle School’s Mission Statement:

Partner with parents and the community to empower students by

cultivating lifelong learners and positive individuals


OMS Motto:

Excellence Everybody, Every Day, Every Minute – No Exceptions


Twin Falls School District’s Mission Statement:

Provide a quality education necessary for students to be successful in life

We work in grade-level teams, so communication and success plans

are developed and maintained via our schools within a school.