End of Year Instructions

A limited number of students (100) will be allowed in the building at a given time.  Staff will be on hand to make sure that social distancing is maintained.  Please stay at least 6 feet away from others and do not gather to talk or sign yearbooks.  Please only one parent/guardian per student (no siblings unless they are OMS students).  We are asking that everyone wears a cloth mask or face covering to help protect everyone involved. 


Chromebooks: If you checked out a Chromebook from the school we will have a station for these to be returned.  Please do not forget the charging cord.


Locker clean out: Please bring a garbage bag or container to remove all items from your lockers and leave the lock unlocked inside the locker.  There will be a piece of tape on your locker, please write your combination on the locker and place it on the bottom of the lock.  PE teachers will be available to check in PE locks.


There will be a station set up to pick up yearbooks if you ordered one.  Please respect social distancing and do not sign each other’s yearbooks while on campus.


Awards/Recognition's and important documents will be at a station - please check in to see if there is anything for you.


Library books should be returned during this time.  There will be a station set up to collect library books.


Items borrowed/checked out that belong to a teacher should be left outside the teachers’ classrooms.


Fines/fees will not be collected during this process as we are needing this process to move at a fairly rapid pace. 


Pick-up time will be from 8:30 am - 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm each day. 

Please only come in during the time indicated for the first letter of your last name.


                                           8:30 -11am          1-3:30pm

Monday May 18, 2020              A-C                    D-F  


Tuesday May 19, 2020             G-I                      J-L


Wednesday May 20, 2020         M-O                  P-R


Thursday May 21, 2020            S-V                    W-Z