Congratulations Scarlet!

"On (February 7th and 8th, 2020) O'Leary hosted the Idaho Middle Level Association's (IMLA's) annual conference.  This is a conference that celebrates middle school and allows middle school teachers the opportunity to get together and learn more about how middle school students learn best!  Every year IMLA hosts an art show too!  Each middle school in the entire state of Idaho may enter up to five pieces of artwork!  This year there were several middle schools across the state that brought their students' artwork to display!  There were at least 50 different entries in this year's conference or more (I'm not sure about the exact amount of entries - I don't remember).  And guess who took home 1st place?  Our own 8th grade art student, Scarlet Rulien won first place and a check for $50 for her extraordinary scratch art she did of a bearded dragon!  Wow Scarlet!  Congratulations on winning!  O'Leary is very proud of you!"

Scarlet also won 3rd place at the Magic Valley Symphony Art Contest on February 22nd, in which she was awarded another $50.00.